Looking For Our Axe Throwing Venue?

What Is Breakr?

Breakr is Canberra’s very own 'break room'. A break room is a dedicated space for breaking plates, mugs, glasses, vases and other fragile items (all provided by us!) in a safe space, either by throwing at the walls or by using the tools provided. Conveniently located inside Axxe in Fyshwick, Breakr is a great way to have some fun and relieve stress!

What To Expect

Each Breakr session consists of 30 or more breakables of various shapes and sizes. On arrival, you’ll complete a waiver form and be given a safety briefing. Then we’ll set you up with a bunch of safety gear and lead you into one of our break rooms. There you’ll have 15 minutes to wreak havoc on your items as much as you want! You’ll also have access to various breaking tools such as: baseball bat, hammer, crow bar, and more!

Isn't It Wasteful?

While it is true that we break a lot of items, we aren't creating any additional waste.

All items we break are sourced from local Op Shops and Charties in Canberra. However, we only take items that are unable to be sold and are on their way to be disposed of.

Op shops and Charities have a limited amount of items they are able to display in their stores at any given time and they recieve so many donations per day that there is no way they can keep them all. Items are processed by the volunteers, anything of value is displayed in their multiple locations across Canberra, and the excess is disposed of.

Breakr takes items that have either been deemed unable to be sold, items that are slightly damaged, or other items that are unable to be processed due to volume. In this way, Breakr is able to constantly donate to the charities that these stores raise money for, for items that they would otherwise dispose of.

If you have any suggestions for what can be done with the mix of glass and ceramics, feel free to email us at info@axxe.com.au

Who Is Breakr For?

Had a bad day at the office and just want to smash everything?

Just been dumped and you're all out of ice-cream?

Want to have fun and destroy things in a break room? Well now you can! Breakr is a fun way to live out the dream of breaking everything around you in a safe environment.

Throw some plates at the wall! Grab a baseball bat and smash a vase!

Breakr is a great way to blow off steam and the perfect stress reliever. And the best part is, you don't even need to clean up the mess!

*Breakr is only for ages 18+. Breakr is purely for entertainment purposes. If you have anger or stress issues, we recommend seeking professional help.


Below are the available times for Breakr.

Monday - Thursday


Friday - Sunday







Bring A Friend!

Most things are better with friends! We allow up to 2 people in our break rooms, so if you and a friend want to team up on some unlucky coffee mugs, go for it!


Prices as of 1 July 2023.

Booking Info

All bookings need to be made at least 24 hours in advance. When placing a booking, please be sure to check the date and time carefully. We are not able to accept walk-ins as we only open when a booking has been made.

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